Thursday , June 29 2017

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Pregnancy causes long-lasting changes in women’s brains


Pregnancy brings a lot more cerebral changes in women. Paris: Pregnancy sources “long-lasting” physical variations to a woman’s brain, with major, but apparently beneficial, grey matter loss in parts of the vital organ, an investigation had said recently. Certain alterations have lasted at least two years, but did not look to ...

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Children can become Smarter by Counting on Fingers


Children, usually become so smart by making use of Finger Perception. Washington: Parents, take a note. Counting on fingers might make your children smarter, proposes a recent study which observed that kids who have better insight of their hands incline to be more skillful at math. Finger perception – the skill ...

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Glucose Tablets likely better for Easing Low Blood Sugar Symptoms


Glucose tablets can improve the lower blood sugar levels. When persons with diabetes experience a risky drip in blood sugar, glucose tablets may be a well option than a syrupy food or drink, a study proposes. Individuals with diabetes can progress hypoglycemia, or lower blood sugar, if they avoid a ...

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Domestic Violence can Lead to Traumatic Brain Injury


Domestic Violence is the most common thing these days. In a new study, the investigators at Barrow Neurological Institute have recognized a connection between domestic violence and traumatic brain injury. The results could have vital implications in the cure of domestic violence fighters both in social and medical service societies. ...

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Sesame Seeds Perfect for Boosting Metabolism


Sesame seeds retain plant chemicals termed Lignans improve fat burning by growing liver enzymes that halt down fat. New Delhi: Sesame seeds are served as one of the preeminent usual ingredients to boost metabolism place digestion well and aid in nourishing a healthy lifespan. Sesame seeds and sesame oil occur to ...

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