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Caesarean Sections affects human evolution


Caesarean sections have caused babies to evolve bigger heads. London: Frequent use of caesarean sections to deliver infants is affecting the human evolution, rendering to a recent study. A growing number of moms currently need operation to deliver a baby because of their thin pelvis size, investigators said. They evaluate cases ...

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Early Death Causes even with one cigarette a day


Cigarette is the most dangerous thing that drives you Cigarette is the most dangerous thing that drives you for early death. Smokers who smoke less than a pack of cigarettes in a day still have a bigger risk of an early demise than non-smokers, a recent study advises. “There is ...

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Best Fruits to Eat at Night


Fruits are the best diet to eat anytime. There is more of confusion neighboring whether eating specific foods before bed is very bad for weight loss.  Though, there is indeed nothing wrong with a small piece of fruit before you sleep. Moreover, it is perhaps one of the best bedtime ...

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Obesity and Diabetes by middle age tied to heart failure later on


Obesity, diabetes and hypertension can lead to operational changes in the heart that upsurge the rigidity of the muscle. Persons who reach middle age without getting high BP, diabetes or obesity might have a lower risk of heart failure later in life, a new study advises. Obesity, diabetes and hypertension ...

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Research Gives Hope for People with Facial, Head Deformities


Research also clarified how messing with the body’s calcium levels through pregnancy can source facial deformities. Washington D.C.: A new research validates that calcium performs a major role in controlling the cells that are accountable for bone growth and the conclusion could distress treatment for individuals with head and facial ...

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Diabetes: Lack of Awareness Brings Setbacks


Diabetes is the most common and majorly dangerous if not treated well. Chennai: Rajakumar, a 52 years old visually weakened, never expected that he would lose his leg due to Diabetes. Being an agriculturalist, from Salianthopu, a small village nearby Chidambaram he is not having anyone to take care of ...

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Contraceptive Pills Can Source DVT


Contraceptive pills intake can source blood clot in veins. Bengaluru:  Females popping oral contraceptive pills for minor reasons and choosing for hormonal handling are at high risk of evolving Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE), warn medics. For More Health News Click Here “Most of the teenagers and ...

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Abdominal Obesity a Rising Concern amid Youth


Abdominal Obesity is very high and is about 75 percent in urban areas. Hyderabad: Abdominal obesity is an increasing distress even for those in their prompt 20s. They protest of belly fat, one of the main reasons for initial onset of way of life illnesses. The Nutrition Society of India had ...

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Acne is better to Protect against Ageing


Acne prone women had significantly longer telomeres when compared to women without Acne. London: A latest investigation conducted at King’s College London has observed that individuals with acne contagion on their faces incline to have fresher looking skin as they develop older. Associating genetic information from females with and without acne, ...

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What Happens When You Eat an Egg a Day


Egg intake daily can have numerous health benefits. Eggs are one of the healthiest foods that are reasonable and can be cooked in many ways. They are tremendously high in amino acids, iron and antioxidants. Though, you should always select organic eggs, as they are opulent in nutritious value, but ...

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