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Pregnancy causes long-lasting changes in women’s brains


Pregnancy brings a lot more cerebral changes in women. Paris: Pregnancy sources “long-lasting” physical variations to a woman’s brain, with major, but apparently beneficial, grey matter loss in parts of the vital organ, an investigation had said recently. Certain alterations have lasted at least two years, but did not look to ...

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Drugs used for HIV treatment take a toll on the brain


HIV Protease inhibitors like ritonavir and saquinavir are a crucial part of the drug cocktail that has abridged mortality in HIV-infected persons. New York: Antiretroviral drugs – life-changing therapies for HIV patients – might take a toll on the patient’s brain, permitting to scientists who start that the medicines lead to ...

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Christmas cheer: Festive foods are all about tradition and memories


Christmas delicious recipes for you. Just, prepare them all for this Christmas and spread the cheer. Ho, ho, ho! With Christmas season around the corner, it is time to place the gloves and apron on and make good ol’ festive treats. Festive foods are all about custom and the memoirs ...

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Painkillers can cause hearing loss for women


Hearing loss is tremendously common in the Unite States and can have a deep influence on Hearing loss is tremendously common in the Unite States and can have a deep influence on quality of life. Boston: Females, take note! Normally taking pain-killers such as ibuprofen for above six years might put ...

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Lemon slices in drink may have drastic consequences for your health


The microorganisms found on the lemon slices in a study all have the prospective to cause infectious illnesses. Washington: That pre-sliced parts of lemon in your cheerful gin or non-alcoholic drink in bars and restaurants may not be the finest thing as these slices might cause contagious diseases at numerous body ...

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Keep your heart healthy


Heart wellness assists you to prevent abrupt cardiac death. A healthy heart flags for an eminence life. Death in sleep, however doing daily work or however driving a car, essentially, abrupt death, is a source of concern. Maximum cases, it is owed to hidden heart rhythm disorder or a causal ...

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Caesarean Sections affects human evolution


Caesarean sections have caused babies to evolve bigger heads. London: Frequent use of caesarean sections to deliver infants is affecting the human evolution, rendering to a recent study. A growing number of moms currently need operation to deliver a baby because of their thin pelvis size, investigators said. They evaluate cases ...

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Best Fruits to Eat at Night


Fruits are the best diet to eat anytime. There is more of confusion neighboring whether eating specific foods before bed is very bad for weight loss.  Though, there is indeed nothing wrong with a small piece of fruit before you sleep. Moreover, it is perhaps one of the best bedtime ...

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Obesity and Diabetes by middle age tied to heart failure later on


Obesity, diabetes and hypertension can lead to operational changes in the heart that upsurge the rigidity of the muscle. Persons who reach middle age without getting high BP, diabetes or obesity might have a lower risk of heart failure later in life, a new study advises. Obesity, diabetes and hypertension ...

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If you smoke or Drink, Vitamin E can prove Really Bad for your Immunity


In general Vitamin E is the most useful nutrient for the body, but studies have proven that for people who drink or smoke, it acts as very bad vitamin and badly affects men health, majorly their Immune system. For More Health News Click Here Based on the lifestyle selections, taking ...

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