Sunday , June 25 2017

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Google promises YouTube curb on online radicalism


YouTube won’t commend these videos to its users from now. Google is expecting to be more attentive about stopping terrorist propaganda and other revolutionary videos from viewing on its YouTube website among rising criticism about the internet’s part in mass violence. Read More: Android-powered Nokia 3 now accessible in India at ...

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Google adds new Local Event to its Search Results

Google Local Event Search

Google added a new local event search results in an organized manner and the new feature is available on Google App and mobile website. The search engine giant Google has rolled out a new feature for its users on the Google app and the Mobile website where it added new ...

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Microsoft Cloud Popularity Reason for its Rising Profits

Microsoft Chief Satya Nadella revealed how Microsoft Cloud managed to satisfy Customer and build their trust and made a profitable business for the Company. The top four US tech giants, including Microsoft, gained huge Profits in the first three months of the year. With Microsoft gained profits up nearly 28%, ...

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Google testing the new feature “Copyless Paste” in Chrome for Android

Google testing the new feature “Copyless Paste” in in Chrome for Android

The first code of the Copyless Paste, which is meant to take the data from the Chrome usage and uses it to improve the experience in other apps. One of the most used commands of the Keyboard Shortcuts is Copy and Paste. It is the staple of modern technology era. ...

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Google Home Can Now Recognise Up to 6 Different Voices


Google Home, the latest voice-activated assistant can now recognize who’s speaking to it on Google’s Home speaker. The latest update released on Thursday enables Home’s built-in assistant to learn the various voices of up to 6 people, though they can’t all be speaking to the internet-associated speaker at the similar ...

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Facebook Can Read Minds


Facebook wants to read your mind and wants its users to make use of their minds to type messages. The prominent social network giant, at its yearly developer’s conference, revealed Wednesday projects intended at letting users make use of their minds to type messages or their skin to listen to ...

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Google Revamped the Google Earth by adding 3D view and guided tours

Google Earth updated version

Google has updated the Google Earth and it is now available in both Web and Android Google Play. Google has made changes to one of most interesting services, Google Earth. The company has revamped the changes of the Google Earth with new layout and features. The new update of the ...

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cloud Book vs Google’s Chromebook

The tech giant, Microsoft, is making Windows 10 Cloud to beat the  competition with Google’s Chromebook.  A Microsoft hardware event which was focussed on education is going to take place on May 2nd.  If rumors are to be believed Redmond could be launching a computing device which would run on ...

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Google launched a new AutoDraw app for drawing

Google AutoDraw

Google launched a new drawing app, AutoDraw which turns terrible sketches into works of art. Google has launched a new AutoDraw website that allows the users to draw their favorite artistic paintings. The new AutoDraw from Google is quite different from the Microsoft’s Paint, the Web application uses and Artificial ...

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Google launched a new “Google Areo app” in India

Google Areo in Play Store

Google Areo app launched in India which provides a bunch of services like food deliver, beauty, Home Maintenance and so on. Google has launched a new application in the Google Play Store India, Google Areo app which provides the users with a bunch of local services like it allows the user ...

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