Monday , October 22 2018

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Google Ends Android Nougat Beta, launches Android O Beta soon

Google Android O Beta

Google is currently releasing Android Nougat versions and now it is going to end the Android Nougat Beta and sooner to release Android O Beta. The Search engine giant Google is going to launch the Android O Beta sooner as it is going to end the Android Nougat beta. Just ...

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Google Hangouts is removing SMS function

Google Hangouts removing SMS function

Google is removing SMS feature  from its “Hangouts”in order to make it  a better Slack rival. Communication Platform of Google “Google Hangouts” which provides different features like video chat, SMS, VOIP and Instant Messaging.   Now, Google is removing the instant messaging feature which allows the users to send and receive ...

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Google’s fault update on its Drive for Windows Users

Google Drive error

The Google Drive for its Windows users Bork the software update, where the users are facing the issues while attempting to use the updated software. The Google Drive app for Windows has crashed and burned after the update of the app which turned out an unfinished and broken software update. ...

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Google Translate begins using neural machine translation for Vietnamese, Russian, Hindi.


Google today is declaring that it’s swapping to a modern approach called neural machine translation for translations of text in Russian, Hindi, and Vietnamese in its Google Translate app. The shift away from Google’s phrase-based machine translation system will outcome in more natural, higher-quality translations. For More Google Product News Click ...

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Google India Signs MoU with Telangana to Assist Digitisation


Google India and Telangana government have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at assistant the digitisation efforts of the state. Google India will afford Google Cloud credits and access to all cloud platform products to suitable startups engaged with Telangana government’s T-Hub initiative and through its Developer Relations team ...

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In what way YouTube TV Could Help Google at last Crack the TV Ad Market


Ad inventory on live-streaming channels could also assist YouTube vend more premium packages YouTube TV, Google’s new skinny bundle of live-streaming broadcast and cable channels, is evidently the company’s effort to challenge traditional pay-TV distributors and appeal to cord-cutters. It’s also a backdoor for Google to squash its way into ...

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Oracle reopens lawful fight with Google


Oracle trailed an appeal brief on Friday night bracing its copyright and patent claim lawsuit against Google over a quarrel regarding the company’s Android mobile operating system. For More Google Product News Click Here The fleeting, trailed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, aims to overrule ...

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Google Chrome for iOS Finally Goes Open Source


HIGHLIGHTS The iOS version is based on WebKit rendering engine Google spent a “lot of time” to bring iOS version to Chromium Google recently rolled out the desktop version of Chrome 56     Google has publicized that after many years of keeping Chrome for iOS discrete from its Chromium ...

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Google Releases Android 7.1.2 beta for Pixel and Nexus devices


New bugfixes for Google devices foreshadow the end for the Nexus 6 and 9. Google has announced a latest Android beta release: Android 7.1.2. The update is the newest in Google’s new “incremental maintenance release” strategy, which should look customers get smaller builds of Android more often. For More Google ...

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Google rescue ‘Better Ads Report’ for 2016


1.7 billion ads were barred from misleading, promoting illegal products and impractical offers in 2016. In line with its continued assurance to creating the web a better place for customers by protecting them from confusing, unsuitable, or harmful ads, Google has released its annual ‘Better Ads Report’ for 2016. It ...

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