Saturday , March 25 2017

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Microsoft is Closing its Little Known Social Network


Microsoft is closing the social network , which is hardly used since its launch. The much for-gotten Microsoft’s social network project, is closing down at Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs division., as it is called, was launched in late 2011, where the objective was “collaborative consumption, not communication.” Initially ...

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Facebook Suspends Location-Sharing Feature


Facebook Inc has put off its location-sharing feature in Italy after a Milan court ruled previous year that the social networking firm had dishonored competition and copyright laws by efficiently copying a related app from a local start-up. Italian software developer Business Competence had filed a claim in 2013, condemning ...

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Alert! Your WhatsApp might stop working from post-June 30


Facebook-owned WhatsApp has reportedly said ending support for all devices running Windows Phone 7 by June 30, 2017. Facebook-owned WhatsApp has brought a lot of changes to its app in the recent past. With it is recently-launched re-vamped ‘Status’ feature, it seems like the company is planning on take the ...

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Facebook rolls out an artificial intelligence tool to prevent suicide


Facebook has been giving viewers an option to reach the broadcaster in real time as well as report videos Facebook has rolled out new tools to help and prevent the suicides. As the social media giant is integrating for suicide prevention tools into its live videos to help people in ...

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Satya Nadella spent per week attempting to persuade India that Microsoft will catch up to Google and Facebook


The likes of Facebook and Google are weary of soaked, tech-savvy markets like the US and the Japan. To discover their next frontier for growth, they’re turning to India. For More Google Product News Click Here Their first strategy to do something more customers to their products is to bring ...

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Incredible New Products announced by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella declared new Microsofts Products like Skype Lite and Sangam. He briefed how it will be different from its previous versions. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella declared the new products designed for India, and, significantly made in India — a powerful move by the company to extend its legacy beyond ...

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WhatsApp launches encrypted Snapchat-like feature ‘Status’


WhatsApp latest Status feature will be replacing the eight-year-old basic “text only” status feature in WhatsApp. The mobile messenger company is progressing out a latest Snapchat-like feature named ‘Status’, a new stub for sharing photos, GIFs , videos that will wane after 24 hours. The newest feature is an appearance ...

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Google Waged around $3 Million to Bug Hunters In 2016


Search engine giant is a sample of the increasing number of organizations benefiting from bug bounty programs. In spite of warnings about relying too heavily on crowd-sourced bug bounty programs, these susceptibility discovery initiatives are showing successful for few companies, judging from the payouts to security researchers in current years. ...

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