Sunday , January 20 2019

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Microsoft and Toyota sign Patent Deal for Connected Cars


Microsoft declared a patent licensing agreement with Toyota for building internet-connected car technologies.  On Wednesday, Microsoft Corp. has agreed to provide the license to Toyota Motor Corp for accessing a batch of its patents. This was indeed a part of the Tech giant’s effort to leverage its immense intellectual-property portfolio and establish ...

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Microsoft’s Officials Revealed the Threats of Ransomware

Microsoft’s Executive Security Advisor told that the Ransomware saw a 752 per cent increase in 2016 The Japanese anti-virus developer company Trend Micro’s disclosed that there is 752 per cent increase in ransomware. It is a software used by hackers to block data and then demand money to return it. ...

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Microsoft to support Government’s Fortifying Efforts against Cyber Crime


Microsoft Specialists, Mexico, and other Latin American Specialists to work together against Cyber Crimes. Microsoft has declared the launch of its Cyber Security center in Mexico, supporting the Government’s effort to curb cyber crime. It is indeed helping corporations and citizens to have protected access to the Internet. The Microsoft’s Cyber Security ...

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Microsoft to Invest Over $1 Billion a Year on Cyber-Security


Microsoft Corporation will continue to capitalize over $1 billion (approximately Rs. 6,819 crores) yearly on cyber-security research and development in the approaching years, a senior managerial said. This money does not embrace acquisitions Microsoft might make in the sector, Microsoft vice president of security, Bharat Shah had told the Reuters ...

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