Sunday , January 20 2019

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Microsoft Windows 10 Updates to be Routinely Released Twice a Year

Microsoft will now release major Windows 10 Updates every March and September Last year the tech giant, Microsoft, issued a statement that it is all set to release two major Windows 10 updates for 2017. Recently the company shipped its Creators Update, and the most awaiting next release is said ...

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Microsoft Windows 10 Power Throttling Feature can Minimize CPU Work

Microsoft  introduced a new feature which limits background apps and improve battery life and temporarily named it as Power Throttling   Microsoft Creators Update rolls out included many incredible features which enthralled their Users. This led the increased expectations on its next update hoping to see more such amazing features. ...

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Microsoft Adopts Transparency in Windows 10 Telemetry Collection


  Microsoft Windows 10 update will have an improved privacy settings options that enable Users to turn off or on certain features.   April 11 is the day, to witness the roll out of the most awaiting Windows 10 operating system Update called “Creators Update”.  Microsoft is thinking to add ...

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Update to include Many Unique Features


Microsoft Windows 10 recent Update to include new features including 3D Gaming, drawing tools and tools to improve your web browser.    On April 11, Microsoft Windows 10 Users are going to be wowed by its recent update which offers 3D Gaming, drawing tools, game-broadcasting capabilities and facilities to redefine your web ...

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Microsoft to Launch Enhanced Creators Update on April 11


Microsoft to launch Creators Update with added features, Surface Book and Surface Studio. Microsoft will soon to launch Surface Book and Surface Studio devices in markets which is available for pre-order sales in new markets, Surface Book and Surface Studio are available for pre-order on April 20 in new markets like Britain, ...

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Microsoft Tugged into US Court for its recent Windows 10 Issue


  Microsoft Windows 10 reputation is at stake with complaints on its unwanted operating system update, which is speculated as data destroyer. Microsoft Windows 10 is hauled into a class-action lawsuit when three people in Illinois filed a case against Microsoft.  They accused that Windows 10 updates have destroyed their data and ...

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