Saturday , March 23 2019

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Visa H1-B Bill Reintroduced to the US Congress

visa H1-B

A bill supporting key changes in the H1-B program that allows skilled workers from countries like India to fill high-tech positions in the US has been reintroduced to the US Congress by two legislators who say it Will help remove the work Abuse visa. The US Job Protection and Growth ...

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Vijayawada girl dies in US mishap


Chunduri Sai Tejaswi, 23, dies in a road accident at the Fremonts ‘s Niles district, California State in the United States of America on Monday late night. According to the sources, Sai Tejaswi, the victim, was crossing the road when the tragedy struck. Vijayawada: Chunduri Sai Tejaswi, 23, died in ...

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