Wednesday , January 23 2019

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President Trump seeks answers on his own wiretap mystery

Donald trump seeks answers

A series of tweets by president Trump focused public attention on intelligence collection efforts long shrouded in secrecy. Through a spokesman, Obama said neither he nor any White House official had ever ordered surveillance on any US citizen. If President Donald Trump wants to know whether he was the subject of ...

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Former US intelligence chief rejects Trump’s wiretap accusation


Donald Trump made an accusation about his predecessor Obama that, the Obama Administration wiretapped his phone during the election process. President Donald Trump’s accusation was rejected by Former top US intelligence official, the accusation is all about his predecessor Barack Obama,  that the Obama Administration wiretapped his presidential campaign, creating stand-off between ...

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Obama Warns Trump, Tells Supporters ‘We’ll Be Okay’

obama warns Trump

WASHINGTON, USA: Barack Obama has promised to speak if Donald Trump threatens the core values ​​of the US and reassured Americans “we will be fine” on Wednesday in a political swansong after eight years as president. At his final press conference and public appearance before Trump’s inauguration on Friday, the ...

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Berlin Sheds Tear for Post-War Order as Trump Era Looms

berlin sheds

BERLIN: US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel may have made a tough start, but his imminent departure sparked a wave of nostalgia and trepidation in Berlin. While Donald Trump threatens to overthrow the pillars of the post-war order, few cities historically symbolize the strength of the transatlantic ...

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In tearful farewell, Obama awards Biden the Medal of Freedom

president model for freedom

President Barack Obama awarded the Presidential Medal for Freedom to Joe Biden, the man he described as “the best vice president we have ever seen,” at the dawn of their two political careers. The deputy president climbed into shock when Obama announced that he was awarding the country’s highest civilian ...

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Trump’s Son-in-law Kushner To Take Senior White House Role

kushner son-in-law of Trump

In a statement, Mr. Trump said that Mr. Kushner would be a “valuable member of my team as I establish and implement an ambitious program.” US President-elect Donald Trump on Monday named his influential twin, Jared Kushner, as a senior advisor to the White House, putting the young real estate ...

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Trump Calls United Nations ‘Just a Club for People’ To ‘Have A Good Time’

united nations

Three days after the United Nations (UN) adopted a resolution calling on Israel to stop Jewish settlement activities in Palestinian territory. President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that the international body “is just a club for people to meet , Speak and have a good time.The severe criticism that Trump made Monday on ...

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Obama “Not Optimistic” on Syria as Aleppo Hit

obama AFP

DAMASCUS: US President Barack Obama said he was “not optimistic” about the future of Syria because the UN warned that the time would pass to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo that was Beaten for nearly a week. Government forces launched a fierce attack on Tuesday to recover eastern Aleppo, ...

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Trump is ready to Keep the ‘Modified’ Version of Obamacare: Reports

trump elected US president

Trump said he would consider keeping a “Modified” version of the Affordable Care Act, a sharp change in position on his major election promise to repeal President Barack Obama’s flagship law. The president–elect made the U-turn after meeting with Obama at the White House this week, according to the Wall ...

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Barack Obama : Donald Trump’s comment on rigging of elections is dangerous


Trump’s allegations, Obama stated, are more than just the usual standard lie   Washington: United States President Barack Obama condemned Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for denying to oblige that he would admit the results of the general elections, saying assertions of voter’s fraud and rigging of the elections is ...

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