Thursday , February 23 2017

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Digitalization of Banks, a Necessary Step to Prevent Becoming History

SS Mundra--621x414

Digitalization of Banks is Incumbent, else they might turn into History, as warned by RBI Deputy Governor, SS Mundra The digitalization of Financial Technology Firms is a continuous process and is here to stay. It will be challenging task for the present Banking system to keep upgraded.  Banks that do not  ...

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ATM cash withdrawal limit eased further

withdrawal limit

Withdrawal limit on current, cash credit and overdraft accounts lifted with immediate effect Facing criticism from the Election Commission for not allowing contenders contesting the upcoming Assembly polls to withdraw cash up to their permitted limit, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Monday removed cash withdrawal restrictions on current, ...

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Finance Minister stated no questioning on deposits at one go, but some banks prefer to do so


NEW DELHI: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley stated on December 19 no queries would be asked if any amount of demonetized currency is deposited at one go but repetitive deposits might raise queries. Yet, depositors are being subjected to a genuine inquisition at some banks. Everyone who wants to deposit more ...

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Heavy rush in banks, treasuries continues in Kerala


Banks and treasuries in Kerala witnessed a heavy rush and serpentine queues on Friday for the second consecutive day, with people queueing up to withdraw their salaries and pensions. About Rs 3,000 crore is needed every month to disburse the salaries to government servants and pensioners in Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram: Banks ...

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People attack banks having no currency in Guntur


People are becoming angry over the absence of cash in the banks. Some people have locked Andhra Bank branch at Eepuru on Monday angry over the absence of money and the similar situation succeeded in many banks on Tuesday. People are becoming angry over the absence of cash in the ...

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Police to Assist Banks And Post Offices in Guntur


The Guntur Urban and  Rural Police districts are gearing up to assist banks and post offices as they are open on Thursday anticipating a possible flow of people wishing to exchange Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 old notes. The Guntur Urban and  Rural Police districts are gearing up to assist ...

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