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France Flogs Russia on Syria; Aleppo Calls for EU Aid


BRUSSELS: France President François Hollande on Thursday accused Russia of not keeping its promises in Syria, while a local leader of the Syrian city of Aleppo called on Europe to send observers to ensure Security of evacuated civilians. “I am constantly talking to Russia, and Russia is making commitments that ...

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Syria: Aleppo Residents, Rebel Fighters to Evacuate under Ceasefire Agreement

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Civilians and rebel fighters were to begin evacuating Syria Aleppo “within hours” as part of an agreement reached Tuesday that would end years of opposition resistance in the city. The rebel officials, Russia and Turkey have confirmed the agreement which, if implemented, will mark a major victory of President Bashar ...

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Islamic State Takes Over the Ancient City Of Palmyra

islamic state

BEIRUT: Islamic state activists took over the former city of Palmyra on Sunday after fighting after a year of setbacks in Syria and Iraq. By winning Palmyra, the extremist group seemed to take advantage of the Syrian and Russian concerns of Aleppo, believing that its attack coincided with a major government ...

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Obama “Not Optimistic” on Syria as Aleppo Hit

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DAMASCUS: US President Barack Obama said he was “not optimistic” about the future of Syria because the UN warned that the time would pass to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo that was Beaten for nearly a week. Government forces launched a fierce attack on Tuesday to recover eastern Aleppo, ...

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Satellite images show devastation in Aleppo: Amnesty


UNITED NATIONS, United States: Amnesty International publicized new satellite images on Wednesday showing that more than 110 locations were hit in 2 weeks of bombing raids in Syria’s battleground city of Aleppo. The rights group stated there was evidence that Russian-made cluster munitions, which are banned under global conventions, had ...

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