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Tabu’s Career Graph: Where does it lead?

Tabu might have made a wrong career choice in playing the mom character to A-list stars like Shahid and Katrina?

Tabu might have made a wrong career choice in playing the mom character to A-list stars like Shahid and Katrina?


As Tabu turned 45 years old on 4 November, she discovers herself at crossways. In the previous few years, there has been a steady shift in her placing from foremost lady to small character actress. In the Salman Khan movie, Jai Ho, which was released in January 2014, she acted as Salman’s sister, whereas she played mom character in Haider and Floor, and spouse to Rajat Kapoor and not the foremost guy Ajay Devgn, in Drishyam movie.

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In a gender-biased movie industry, though leading men endure acting lover-boys long after they pass their prime age, the leading woman almost loses her luster after 40.

A director, who has worked diligently with Tabu and cautions deeply for her profession, says Tabu has excavated her own grave where her profession is concerned. Tabu has made courageous choices as a heroine. But these selections have closed the door on her profession as a prominent lady. In Hindi pictures, except you play romantic roles, you are not reflected an A-lister.”

Realizing this sad fact, Tabu’s coworker Kajol has obeyed to playing the leading lady’s character after getting 40, whereas Tabu, with all her ability, has no projects in hand.

Giving a conflicting view, Tabu’s well-known aunt, Shabana Azmi considers her career is impermeable to dips and arcs. “Hits and flops will make no change to Tabu’s profession. She is a class separately and will always be the main choice for tough roles of characters her age. She is a flexible actor and a great mimic, like her mom,” she clarifies.

Apoorva Asrani is amazed by Tabu’s sporadic presences on screen. “I was so reassured to see Tabu in Haider. She just stole the show,” he speaks.

As pointed out by movie critic Raja Sen, “That the superb Tabu finds such rare events to glare on the screen is one of Hindi film’s most reflective tragedies. Her legacy is solid. As the beholders, the loss is completely ours.”


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