Tuesday , March 19 2019

Tabu is part of the Golmaal Again cast

Tabu says “I have always adored the ‘Golmaal’ series and was quite happy about being a slice of it.”


Mumbai: This might come as a whole surprise to some but Bollywood’s dynamo of talent, Tabu, will now crack her luck in a role that is comparatively new to her- comedy. After approving Parineeti Chopra’s connotation with Rohit Shetty’s well-known franchise, the filmmakers have now tied in Tabu for its future installment.

The ‘Haider actress was not actually taken aback when the movie came to her as she has been a fan of the ‘Golmaal’ contract and thought of working with friends would be great.

“I wasn’t stunned or surprised when I was given the movie. I have always adored the ‘Golmaal‘ series and was quite happy about being a part of it. Ajay Devgn is a close friend and I also know the rest of the cast, and working with friends is always delightful,” the heroine was quoted as saying by a daily newspaper.

Tabu’s selection might have many serious, hard-hitting concerts but the actress claims that she has a comical side to herself and that she is identified for laughing too simply.

“No one can laugh all the time. Persons close to me know my comical side. Also, comedy is one of my favorite roles… I remember viewing Om Shanti Om at a theatre in Hyderabad. My sister was viewing the similar show with her friends and she didn’t discern that I was there. In the mid of the movie, she called to ask if I was in the theatre, also. When I inquired her how she had found out, she said that she heard my laughter. I love to be round the people, who have a good sense of humor. All my friends are so funny.”

Well, the heroine is not completely new to comedy. Recollect ‘Heri Pheri’, Tabu was an important part of the picture and very pleasant in it. So, why hadn’t she followed up?

“I certainly don’t have any likings, biases or biases against any type of cinema. I take up whatever is exciting. Public will always approach you with what they consider you are good at. I am eager that there are certain kinds of roles people identify me with. At the similar time, it’s prodigious that someone like Rohit thought of featuring me in a movie like ‘Golmaal,” reportedly clarified the heroine.


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