Tuesday , March 19 2019

Table profits for ‘Betaludu’

Betaludu movie has already done a thriving pre-release business and the Telugu producers purchased the rights for Rs 3 crore.


After the accomplishment of Bichagadu, Tamil actor Vijay Antony has converted a sensation of kinds in the Telugu industry and his future movie, Betaludu has already got virtuous table profits, even before its issue.

The hero was unidentified here till Bichagadu released in the month of May and left on to rake in abundant moolah after the movie got more than Rs 20 crore after being take on board for a mere Rs 50 lakh. Ever since, Vijay Antony has been in great demand, and that influence is presenting on his next movie, Betaludu.

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The Telugu movie industry producers purchsed the rights for Rs 3 crore and the movie has already completed a busy pre-release commercial in all areas, giving them table pays. The music of the movie was released newly and Vijay Antony joined the function along with his family members. His spouse Fatima is the producer for all his movies whereas the actor himself has delivered the music for this film.

Fascinatingly, ten-minute footage of his movie was shown to those current at the function. This has shaped curiosity about the movie and guests, counting Boyapati Srinu, Bellamkonda Suresh, Nikhil and others, anticipated another accomplishment for the hero.

“I never anticipated this answer. Typically an actor gets such a welcome after 20-25 movies, but I am happy people here have recognized me just after my third movie,” said Vijay, adding that he is eagerly waiting the release.

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