Monday , March 25 2019

Taapsee Pannu side-lined by the awards

Taapsee Pannu’s reserved and gripping performance in Pink movie had gone totally un-awarded.


Every single year has its mysterious omissions from the awards list. This year was also the same! It had its specific share of baffling omissions. Taapsee Pannu’s self-possessed and gripping performance in the movie Pink had went totally un-awarded.

Remarking on the exclusion, Taapsee laughs, “My presentation in Pink movie has gone unrecognized by all the awards functions this year. So, let us not point fingers at any awards organizers. I am used to being overlooked for awards. My goal is to become a favourite amid the audiences. Awards are not as significant as audiences’ support of the work I am doing.”

Mentioning on the movie Pink being unheeded in all the main categories of the just-concluded FilmFare awards, Taapsee says, “I think Pink movie has exposed what it had to. No award can further commend its message. If it is not given awards, our accomplishment is not decreased in any way. The awards can’t equal the figures of hearts that we have impressed.”

By the way, Taapsee’s Baby co-star, Akshay Kumar has also been overlooked for the awards. Taapsee responds casually to this as well, “I don’t want to ponder about awards and waste my time. I am completely working hard so that my movies become successful. This is more significant to me than these awards. I am sure Akshay sir feels much the similar.”

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