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Swine Flu Cases Have Officers On Their Toes: Nellore

3 Swine flu cases identified in last 20 days in Nellore district.

Swine Flu Cases Have Officers On Their Toes In Nellore
Swine flu cases identified in Nellore.

Swine flu cases have been detected in the Nellore SPSR during the last 20 days they found 3 cases and fortunately all are out of danger. Two cases of swine flu were detected in the village of Poondi, falling below the boundaries of the Ramapuram primary health center in Tada, near the Tamil Nadu border, on 25 January, and they are treated in a private hospital in Chennai. The patients are sisters and about two and a half years and one year old. Medical and health wing officials maintain that they contracted the virus when they went to their grandmother’s home in Vellore from Tamil Nadu.

A 27-year-old woman from Nellore was diagnosed with swine flu on January 18 and is well after treatment in a corporate hospital in Nellore. A young Chembedu in Nayudu-peta mandal doing a medical PG in Vellore in Tamil Nadu also contracted the disease and he also recovered after treatment at Christian Medical College in Vellore.

The medical and health officer of the district, Dr. C. Varasundaram, confirmed this while stating that all, including the two children, are safe.

The woman Nellore is already unloaded. He said there was no other case of swine flu infected at Poondi while highlighting the screening done by their team in the village on Thursday. According to DMHO, the awareness campaign was launched in a grand way using lakh strange pamphlets in addition to posting posters and flex boards in busy areas to educate the public about the virus.

He said that primary health centers have been tasked to treat cases of category B. (mild symptoms) at home and collect swabs wherever they suspect swine flu and rush to Svims in Tirupati for PCR ( Polymerase chain reaction). Segregated rooms are established in all hospitals in the area with equipment such as oxygen cylinders, fans and nebulizers in addition to Tamiflu tablets. In the meantime, the Nellore District Hospital still has to get diagnostic kits to detect the deadly virus.

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Hospital authorities have claimed the room allocated last year to set up an isolated neighborhood is vacant and it is equipped with a fan, but they still have to receive diagnostic kits and syrup (Oselatamivir) needed for treatment. However, there is no concern about medical assistance if medicines and kits are available because the hospital’s pulmonology department, headed by Dr. N. Gopi Chand and assistant professor Dr. Aparna, Has sufficient manpower to deal with any eventuality. Superintendent of the hospital Dr. Radhakrishna Raju said no cases have been reported so far, but they are taking steps to get diagnostic kits and Tamiflu tablets.

Referring to swine flu symptoms such as colds and coughs in addition to throat pain and high fever outside respiratory problems, Dr. Gopichand said that these patients should immediately consult with doctors. He expressed confidence in case management by supporting other services at the hospital.

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