Tuesday , January 22 2019

Surface Phone seems to be a Big Challenge for Microsoft

Microsoft’s long-rumored Surface Phone and Surface Pro 5 tablet is unlikely to make their debut in the May 2nd Windows Event in New York City. 

On the event of its next big event on May 2, Microsoft will not be showing up it’s most talked about device Surface Pro 5 tablet and the long-rumored Surface Phone. The Surface Phone is the tech giant’s most important launch in making Windows a potential contender against Apple and Google. This is because Windows phones slip under 1% global market share.

Just to back up for a second, the still-unofficial Surface Phone is considered to be Microsoft’s very last shot at making Windows a serious smartphone contender against Apple and Google, as Windows phones slip under 1% global market share. The company has not yet launched its flagship Windows phone since late 2015’s Lumia 950. The Surface Phone’s absence in the very important event possibly indicates that it is still in its designing phase, although there is no substantial update on the same. Previously it was rumored to be unveiled in the year 2016 and then it was supposed to be late in the year 2017. There were also certain speculations like Intel canceled the deal with Microsoft on powering the device with its processor.

The company has although managed to fill in the gap by doubling down on iOS and Android. It is also revealed that the tech giant has associated with Samsung to customize the new version Samsung Galaxy S8 phone to make it a superior phone on the market.

The Microsoft flagship Windows 10 Mobile phone is rumored to have absolutely stunning features like it could be plugged into a keyboard, mouse, and monitor which enables Users to run a desktop PC software on a Mobile Phone.

Doesn’t it sound great! However, it seems highly unpredictable that anybody would care even it is the most innovative one in the market.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella declared that Windows 10’s Universal Windows Platform would be the best so far, wherein the developers could write Windows 10 apps that run on PCs, tablets, and smartphones alike.  Hopefully, if Microsoft releases a phone, it would depict that the company is highly committed to Windows, which is the reason behind its being a giant of Technology.

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