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Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Healthiest For Frying Fish

The frying methods based the nature of the oil utilized and the fish species have been exposed to apply a great impact.


London: The hale and hearty method to fry fish is to make use of extra virgin olive oil, particularly if this is prepared in the microwave, a fresh study has stated.

The frying methods will be based on the nature of the oil utilized and the fish species have been exposed to employ a great impact on the changes that take place throughout the process. Investigators from the University of the Basque Nation in Spain have revealed that the selection of cooking oil is immensely significant owing to its influence on the lipid outline in the fish and on the promising generation of poisonous compounds in the oil throughout frying, which can affect food safety and even human health.

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To make this research, gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) and fillets of European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) were fried in a pan and also on microwave oven by using refined sunflower oil and extra virgin olive oil. The variations that occur in the frying oil and the lipid composition of the fish were investigated by the use of Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (H-1 NMR). All through the light-frying of the fish below domestic circumstances, not only the fish lipids will migrate to the frying oil, the constituents of the oil are also moved to the skin of fish.

As an outcome, the lipid composition of the oil utilized for frying is improved. It is enhanced by the acyl groups that are existent in an upper concentration in the fish fat than in the normal oil, and instantaneously it is washed-out in the acyl groups’ existent in an upper concentration in the usual oil than in the fish fat. So for frying fish, the extra virgin olive oil was wealthier in omega-3, omega-1 acyl groups, saturated fats, linoleic and lesser in oleic, which is the foremost acyl group in olive oil.

Similarly, the sunflower oil was great in all the acyl group kinds except linoleic, which is the popular acyl group in sunflower oil. Both kinds of oil were supplemented by small quantities of cholesterol from the fish. Moreover the relocation of lipids all through frying, as these oils are exposed to high temperatures  about 170 degrees Celsius in the existence of oxygen, assured small-scale thermal oxidation might take place in them.

The extra virgin olive oil used for fish frying, won’t have thermal oxidation reaction as it is further degradation-resistant when compared to sunflower oil. However in the sunflower oil utilized for fish frying in the pan, subordinate oxidation compounds called aldehydes were formed and some of them are observed as possibly toxic based on the concentration in which they are observed. It might be pointed out that these combinations won’t form in the microwave oven with the sunflower oil.

Consequently, in view of the fallouts gotten and keeping in mind the creation of these composites that are possibly harmful for health, the hale and hearty option for fish frying is to make use of extra virgin olive and fry them in the microwave, investigators said.

The study was printed in the journal Food Research International.

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