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Steve Beddow Called Time On His Career Comment Sky Sports Golf

As Sky Sports commentary Golf Career Steve Beddow comes to an end, the broadcaster back to nearly 25 years covering the sport.

I was really overwhelmed for texts and messages sent to me from all over the world the past few and I thank everyone for them. The Portugal Masters was a great tournament for sending out and  Steve Beddow had the perfect winner Padraig Harrington. The finish of the week was brilliant and it was nice to see one of the great characters of the game to pick up a deserved victory.

Steve Beddow
The Sky Sports production team had a celebratory meal in Portugal during Meddow’s final event

I’d already worked covering golf for Eurosport and the BBC, but my life to Sky Sports began in 1995, when I was booked for highlights on the defunct Mastercard Visit a course in Scotland.

I used my airline miles to my work at Eurosport for the trip, not knowing whether the record we made would be the start of something more regular. Rather if and when Sky Sports took over the European tour coverage, I went with it.

Since then, if you combine the events I broadcast on feeding the world, I have accumulated more than 1000 live coverage from tournaments. The sport has changed so much over the last 20 years and Sky Sports has a lot to do with it.

Sky has been brilliant for me and I’ve never had a cross word to say about them. A standout moment of which was when I had a mild stroke in the early 2000s, when they were very good to give me time to do better.

My best memory is when Jose Maria Olazabal once made a winning return from a foot injury. Our cameras are not on him as he came to the last hole, but I said the comment on how much of a proud man he is and how there must be a tear somewhere.

Indeed, when the director cut to the Spaniard, he brushed a tear or two. It was a special moment to cover.

steve beddow golf
Steve Beddow is undecided on his future plans

Golfers had to physically get in shape and stronger during my career reviews and most of them did. The already high standards on the golf course improving all the time.

You will find golfers are quite keen to try broadcasting and can share their experiences of playing and practicing. I work with a lot of great people during my career, including the likes of my good friends Richard Boxall and Tony Johnstone.

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I felt for the last two years that the time would come to an end for me behind the microphone. There are new people from all the time in the role and more golfers are stepping up and give it a go.

There are also all young people at Sky Sports who work so hard and just have so much energy in everything they do. I have every admiration for each of them and will miss working with them.

At present, I am not sure what the future holds. I want to follow another crack to cover football, which is what I did before starting the course.

I used to do local radio comments for reading and I referred to the club during my opening line comment Sunday. I thought they could not fire me for that now!

I look forward to a month of the cogging torque, where I will spend more time with my two-month old little son and I play golf as and when I feel like. If I feel like after Christmas, I want to do something, then I will, but do not ask me this again!

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Steve Beddow Called Time On His Career Comment Sky Sports Golf
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