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Srushti Dange gives it all for Mupparimanam

Artist Srushti Dange is pinning expectations on director Adhirooban’s Mupparimanam.

Srushti Dange
Srushti Dange

Later being lauded for her act in Dharmadurai, actress Srushti Dange is pinning confidences on director Adhirooban’s Mupparimanam, which has Shanthanu Bhagyaraj in the main. The movie, which has been in the creating for a year, is all fixed to see the light of day on March 3. Srushti looks confident that this film will make people discussion about the content.

Talking to DC, Srushti utters, “Mupparimanam is all about the personality — Kathir and Anusha. You can see them rising up on screen and the flick will portray different stages of their lifecycle — from their school life to their wedding.

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Since the character required me to performance as a school student and as a grown-up, I had to make accordingly to show the alteration. Director Adhirooban wanted me to look normal and not to take references. He knows what he wants and has taken out the best out of me.”

The Achamindri artist is all praise for the director. “He works in a certain manner and does not allow mobiles on sets. It was emotionally challenging, but being on the sets made me realize how my personality Anu would act. Initially, I found it hard, but I could know his good intentions behind his stern behavior. The movie had a huge impact on me and I am sure young person would be able to relate to the content,” she shares.

Srushti explains that the picture had impacted her so much that it grabbed her months to come out of her character. “Apart from sensitive moments, it is also a commercial suspenseful story. There is no hero and female lead in the movie. Audiences can only see Anu and Kathir on screen!” she concludes.

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