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SRK imitates Alia, declares Indian Prez is Narendra Modi on Koffee with Karan

SRK, being the finest actor of Bollywood, was his complete witty best as he trolled Alia over the episode, ceaselessly.


Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan is Karan Johar’s ‘legendary king’ for a motive. Never has the hero gone the hamper when he has been on the loveseat. Another time, for a reason. Said, motive being the man’s inimitable and distinctive wit and humor.

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The hero, who seemed on Karan’s ‘Koffee with Karan’ together with his ‘Dear Zindagi’ co-star Alia Bhatt, unconditionally retained the show and didn’t spare even the luckless Alia, who had the complete internet up in ‘meme arms’ contrary to her post her howler, the last time she seemed on it.

This time rotund, though, she was up contrary to SRK himself, who didn’t let her overlook her gaffe, one instant.

Through the rapid fire round, the two artists were asked queries, to be replied like the other individual. While it was SRK’s turn, Karan amusingly enough questioned SRK who the president of India.

SRK prepared himself, got into charm and changed into Alia. “I got this, I got this. I’m doing the paper in the morning,” he professed.

As Alia viewed aside to hide from the bang waiting to occur, SRK replied, “Sri Narendra Modiji.”

As Alia reddened with embarrassment, he went on, “Happy? Happy? Everybody knows now? I know. I know. I know.”

One can’t support but fall in love with the wittiness that this much loved hero has on him. We are sure, Alia being the game that she is, won’t distress.


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