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Srisailam Temple Ready For Mahasivaratri Utsavams

The 11-day Mahasivaratri Utsavams will begin on February 17 and end on February 27 with a traditional fervor at the Srisailam temple,lakhs expected at.

Srisailam temple complex for Mahasivaratri Utsavams
Srisailam temple ready for Mahasivaratri Utsavams

KURNOOL: The 11-day Mahasivaratri Utsavams will begin on February 17 and end on February 27 with a traditional fervor at the Srisailam temple. The Temple authorities have made all the necessary arrangements and are ready to launch the festival of eleven days in a grand manner, said Executive Officer N. Barat Gupta. The celebrations begin with Ankurarpana, Ganapathi puja on Friday 17 February and end with the Dhwajavarohana in which the Dhwaja Patakam (flag) is removed from Dhwajasthambham, said the EO.

Nearly 10 lakh pilgrims are expected to visit the temple during the Brahmotsavams and during utsavam days there is no sparsa (touching) darshan and Arjita Sevas, EO said. The Mahasivaratri Utsavams is celebrated as Brahmothsavams in the month of Magham (the 11th month of the lunar calendar) which usually falls in the month of February / March. It’s an 11-day festival with Navahaknika Deeksha.

The day of Mahasivaratri (29th day of Magham) is the most important day of the festival. Important events of the celebrations are Ankurarpana, Dhwajarohana, Vahana Sevas to God and Goddess, Lingodhbhavakala, Maharudrabhishekam to God, Pagalankarana, Kalyanothsavam, Radhothsavam and Dhwajavarohana. Brahmothsavams begins with Ankurarpana, a religious ritual on the occasion of the festival followed by the Dhwajavarohana during which Dhwaja Patam marked with the Nandi symbol is hoisted on the Dhwajasthambha of the temple.

It is said that the Dhwajarohana is the significant event of the departure of Brahmothsavams to invite all the gods and goddesses. The Vahana Sevas is another important event of the celebrations in which the procession of the god and the goddess will take place on various vahanas (divine vehicles) like Seshavahanam, Mayuravahanam, Nandivahanam and Aswavahanam.

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On the day of Mahasivarathri Utsavams, at midnight during Lingodbhavakalam (the frightened time in which God Siva manifests itself in the form of an enormous Linga in flames), Abhishekam will be executed to God Mallikarjuna Swamy in a religious manner. The Pagalankarana is a unique custom found only in the temple of Srisailam and is the most significant event of the festival. In this a person belonging to the weaving community (Devanga) tie a long white fabric called Paga (Turban) from the Sikhara of the Swayvari Vimana Gopuram passing around the Nandi idols placed on the Mukhamandapam of the temple. The interesting feature of this event is that the Devanga will decorate the Paga with the naked body in total darkness and all the lights at that time are carried into the temple. The fabric used in the Pagalankarana is hand-woven by the weavers throughout the year.

Nearly 30 Pagas are offered by different weavers individually as a vow and all Pagas will be decorated simultaneously by a single weaver. Then Pagalankarana Kalyanothsavam of Mallikarjuna Swamy and Bhramaramba Devi will be executed. The Radhothsavam will begin the day after Mahasivaratri in the evening.

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Srisailam Temple Ready For Mahasivaratri Utsavams
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