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South Korean Opposition Parties agree to call on President Park Geun-hye

The three main opposition parties of South Korea agreed on Wednesday to oppose the decision of President Park Geunhye to reject as a tactic of failure his offer of resignation if the parliament arranges a safe transfer of power.

south korea president park geun-hye
south korea president park geun-hye

“The people of South Korea do not want to enter the new year with Park Geunhye as president,” said Choo Mi-ae, leader of the main opposition Democratic Party, at the beginning of the meeting. “There is only one way, according to our Constitution, to put an end to a president’s mandate and it’s a motion of impeachment.”

After the meeting, the three sides said at a joint press conference that Park had to withdraw immediately without setting conditions and that their pressure for impeachment remains unchanged.

The opposition parties agreed to vote on a motion for indictment on Friday or to reconvene if the plan does not work, according to the Yonhap news agency. The Democratic Party, formerly known as the Korean language Minjoo, could not immediately confirm the report.

The opposition has already said it will try to end Park on Friday or December 9, when a parliamentary plenary session is scheduled.

The support of two-thirds of the 300 members of Parliament is necessary to accuse Park. The three opposition parties and independent lawmakers in the park have a total of 172 seats, which means they need the help of dissidents in the Saenuri Party in power of Park.

It was not known to what extent the opening of Park could divide those who had supported his impeachment earlier. But some members of the Saenuri Party have already raised the need to consider whether to try to indict him or find other means for his departure.

If charged, Park’s presidential powers are immediately suspended until the Constitutional Court rules on its fate. The tribunal has 180 days of deliberation.

Park, in her Tuesday speech, continued to deny the prosecutor’s charges that she colluded in the criminal activities of her long-time friend Choi Soon-sil, who, despite having no official role in the government, Would have had a say in political decisions and exploited his presidential business to intimidate companies to give large sums of money to companies and foundations that Choi controlled.

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“If the ruling and opposition parties discuss and draw up a plan to reduce confusion in state affairs and ensure a secure transfer of government, I will resign from the presidential position under this timetable and in accordance with the procedures Provided for by law “. Park refused to take any questions from journalists after his comments.

Prosecutors charged Choi, two former presidential leaders and a video music director known as a Choi associate for extortion, leakage of confidential documents and other charges.

Park, who is immune from prosecution during his tenure, declined to meet with prosecutors. His lawyer says that the prosecutors’ charges are unfounded.

Park is the daughter of the last dictator Park Chung-hee, whose 18-year rule ended after he was shot down by his own intelligence chief in 1979.

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South Korean Opposition Parties agree to call on President Park Geun-hye
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