Friday , March 22 2019

Somnath Bharti attacked at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

The incident happened when Somnath was heading towards his vehicle.

Somnath Bharti.

Hyderabad: A crowd of youths attacked AAP leader Somnath Bharti at the RGI Airport on Sunday. The thing happened when Somnath was heading towards his car. The youths started mistreating him and AAP staffs. One party worker was injured in the fight. Senior AAP leader and Somnath Bharti Delhi MLA who is also the South India in-charge of AAP was on his way to Hyderabad to address a meeting on Monday.

He landed at RGIA airport at around 11.30 pm. Some protesters were waiting for him in three vehicles in the entrance area. Meanwhile, some youths who were in one more car started honking continuously. “As soon as I sat in the car they attacked my vehicle. I call to the Telangana police to inquire into the occurrence,” Somnath whispered.

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AAP activists held a person from the car got down and started shouting abuses, but security workers just kept viewing. “He took out a strong rod, broke the rear lamps of the car and headed towards Somnath, but we protected him. He attacked me hurting my hands, ribs, and chest,” AAP TS joint administrator Hyder Abbas whispered.

AAP’s TS secretary Srisailam whispered they are still clueless about the enemies. “They screamed Go back to Delhi. They could have been encouraged by some right-wing groups,” he whispered. Mr. Srisailam supposed they will file a complaint on Tuesday. “And yet the complaint is delayed we are assured CCTV footage will prove it,” he said.

Airport forces said that they did not get any complaint from AAP activists. But a woman traveler who did not want to be named given Information that AAP activists were making noise by shouting loudly.  A GD entry of the similar was made at the police station,” RGIA inspector M. Mahesh held.

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