Sunday , February 17 2019

Sohail Khan on Shah Rukh-Salman reunion

Sohail Khan speaks about the friendship of the two Bollywood Khans and Salman’s shirtless instants.


Through a recent fitness event, Sohail Khan, a fitness mutant himself, had a workout but was left out of breath by the end of the exercise, as he requested for water.

Sohail is share of the forthcoming Salman Khan movie, Tubelight, which will also see Shah Rukh Khan alongside of Salman Khan, for the first time after the duo has turned from rivals to friends. Appears like the long-standing hostility has now turned into friendship amid the two actors. Moreover, these two Khans are the most spoken about in B-Town currently, particularly after the newest episode of Big Boss this season that gathered the utmost TRP.

Catching up with Sohail, we cross-examined the actor-producer about the reunification of SRK-Salman. “It was so pleasant,” speaks Sohail, replying to-the-point.

Then no faster had we asked him, we speckled Salman Khan baring his chest, a tendency that was trailed by most artists. Does Sohail decide that this act of Salman unlocked new vistas for other actors to exhibit their sex appeal?

Then, comes the answer from brother Khan “In the current scenario of the style and glamour world, when any hero or heroine flaunts his/her figure, we should see it as a progressive thing, as individuals try to follow them. It is a verified fact that one cannot form a great body with bad habits. One needs to have healthy customs to make a permanent virtuous body. Unquestionably, when Suniel Shetty, Sanjay Dutt, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, Bipasha Basu, and Shilpa Shetty exhibit their fitness, most of the people take it as their ‘sex appeal’. However it is not. You need to look at it with a diverse viewpoint — they are viewing off their fit and strong bodies.”

He endures, “Salman had functioned hard on his body. And therefore, he could afford to naked his chest for the melody, O O Jane Jana.”

Recollecting those days Sohail, says, “In reality, the shirt was a little tight and one of the shirt buttons had been frayed off. Bhai ne jab shirt uttari toh, we all sensed that he appeared great with a bare chest. In what way he was captured without a shirt for his picture for the first time.”


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