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Social media behaviour of parents affects relationship with child

Social media plays a major role in Parent-child relationships and the investigations.


New Delhi: However, Social media is a boon or a curse; it is one of the most communicated issues in today’s world.

An investigation by Kaspersky Lab’s research crew speaks social media is hugely affecting parents-children bonding. About 21 percent of parents admit that the relationships with their kids have been broken as a result of them being appeared in a compromising state on social media.

With individual’s tendency to post photos of themselves or other people under the guidance of alcohol, wearing something skimpy or even bare in order to get more ‘likes,’ it is obvious that social media can harm offline relations. But when we would anticipate parents not to approve of their children’s online behavior, it is normally the other way round.

More than a 5th of parents confess that their relationship with their kids deteriorated after they had seen their parents in compromising conditions on social networks. Moreover, only 14 percent of parents had said that they were irritated by their children’s online behavior. In addition, about one-in-five (16 percent) people also said that their connection with their spouse or partner has been spoiled as a result of them being seen in a compromising state on social networks.

Relations with family, friends, and contemporaries are changing as people interconnect less face-to-face as a result of social media. A momentous third of people admitted that they currently interconnect less with their parents (31 percent), partners (23 percent), children (33 percent), and friends (35 percent) since they can see and interconnect with them through social media.

Though people interconnect less face-to-face, around half of the defendants to believe that the quality of their relations does not hurt at all and is even better as a result of being associated with their loved ones online.

The search for “likes” and social validation leads individuals to share increasing quantities of private information on social media platforms, placing not only themselves but also their family, friends and colleagues at risk. For those who choose to shut themselves off from social media, the realism of losing a lifetime of digital memoirs, including photos and connections, can make it hard to do. In order to guard themselves and their relations, people need to be more careful and cyber-savvy about the info they share on social media.


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