Thursday , March 21 2019

Simultaneous polls for Lok Sabha and Assembly could be effective: PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi thanking people for supporting his demonetisation drive, he stated he wanted honesty in the system and his government was working towards it.


Lucknow/Kanpur: PM Narendra Modi stated on Monday that the Opposition did not allow Parliament to work in its effort to defend the untruthful and run away from a dispute on corruption.

Addressing a BJP rally in poll-bound UP’s Kanpur, the PM also greeted and welcomed the Election Commission’s efforts to free the electoral system of black money. “I also desire the Election Commission to take up the idea of having coincident elections to the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabhas, and talk to other political parties because too many elections stand the process of development and cause financial a burden,” he stated.

He stated that some politicians had tried to “aggravate” people standing in ATM queues, but their plans did not succeed as the common man was patient and understood that larger interest of the country was at stake.

“Our agenda is to fight for a country free of corruption and black money. But their agenda is to disturb Parliament…I am confused,” Mr Modi stated, days after the winter session concluded in a washout due to the standstill over demonetization.

Thanking people for subsidiary his demonetization drive, he stated most wanted honesty in the system and his government was working towards it.


“It is only a few who prosper in corrupt observes and they are the ones who criticize us. After November 8, the strength of Rs 100 has amplified while that of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 has been completed,” he stated.

He stated he had given a suggestion at an all-party meeting organized before the winter session that a debate should be held on immediate elections and political funding.

“But Parliament was not permitted to function for a month as the Opposition parties were not interested in a debate on the 2 issue,” the PM Narendra Modi stated.

“Congress leaders often demanded that late Rajiv Gandhi carried computers and mobile phones to the common man. But now when I state mobile phones can be used for banking, they say the poor do not have cell phones…

“They first stated people do not have bank accounts. Now they claim poor went to the bank, but there was no money…They are spreading lies,” Modi stated.

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