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Shiva Rajkumar: Balakrishna is like a brother

Shiva Rajkumar lovingly recounts his experiences, functioning with Balakrishna in Gautamiputra Satakarni.


For Kannada star Shiva Rajkumar, being a part of Balakrishna’s milestone 100th movie Gautamiputra Satakarni happened unpredictably, and saying no wasn’t a selection at all. “It is like a family movie for me. Sr.NTR and my dad (Rajkumar) were like brothers and at present Balakrishna and I also share a parallel bond. We have an incredible bond and meet very frequently. He always meets me when he is in Bangalore and had asked me for the Lepakshi Utsav in Anantapur also. It is a complete honor to be part of a movie which is so significant for him. I consider I fit their flier and hope I did a virtuous job,” says the hero, speaking about how the movie happened.

The hero who was previously seen by the Telugu audiences in Killing Veerappan, dubbed into Telugu language from Kannada, discloses that shooting on the sets of Gautamiputra Satakarni was no altered from any Kannada movie he has shot. “Everybody went out of their mode to make me feel relaxed. The complete atmosphere was so good that the 4 days I had shooting felt less like work and more like a eat al fresco. The complete unit felt me like their brother. I felt like home and will assuredly remember this for a long time,” he says.

In spite of having such a vast skill in cinema, Telugu is somewhat that the actor isn’t very acquainted with. “Bagaledu,” he says speaking about his eloquence in the language as he says with a laugh, “I got a lot of help and penned down everything in a manner I could comprehend. I do a kind of ballad, but not in the consistent Telugu language. I can’t reveal all that but I would say I certainly loved the experience since the song is attractively composed and full of sentiment. I always think I can learn telugu language if I devote more time on it. For currently I know koncham.” Would he reflect making a complete entry in Tollywood? “Totally! I hope so! My dubbed movies have already out in Telugu, but I certainly want to do a straight picture. I might have something intended by the end of 2017. I want to come in with an exceptional character, not something normal. Let’s see how it pots out,” he concludes.


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