Wednesday , April 24 2019

Shibani Kashyap rocks it in Egypt


Shibani Kashyap, who was invited to perform at the yearly Indian Egypt Festival, is speechless by the warmness and hospitality she got. The singer, who played four shows, speaks, “Egyptians seriously love Bollywood and those guys are in love with Shah Rukh Khan. Through the cities, I observed audience totally in tune with Bollywood harmony. They even crooned along with me.”

Shibani first show, at the historic El Gomhouria Theatre, was a crammed one. It honored the prize distribution rite for a painting race named the ‘Glimpses of India’, where contestants amid the ages of 8 and 18 portrayed their vision of India. Day 2 was spent with all the Indians in Egypt. A happy Shibani Kashyap says, “The Diwali festivities made me feel that I was in India. The Indians there are linked to their origins.”

Third day, she executed at Alexandria’s The Great Hall — Bibliotheca, the largest library in the world. “The mystic that Amitabh Bachchan and SRK hex there has to be gotten. Several from the audience came on stage and bopped their hearts out.”

The other day, Shibani went to a museum in Cairo, where she had seen the royal mummies and the riches of Tutankhamen. “We interrelated with artists, directors and editors from all over the world, particularly the Egyptian delegation who had several stories about the history and values of their nation. It was irresistible to see their affection for India, particularly Bollywood, and I felt really proud to be Indian.”
The singer’s grand final presentation was organized at the Ain Shams University, Cairo. She speaks, “The theatre was overflowing with students and to top it, they discerned each and every song that I was humming. The energy was astounding.”

Shibani was the only singer joined at the festival. Her team comprised anchor Rajiv Roda, choreographer Vivek Mudgal and manager Mamta Gautam.

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