Wednesday , April 24 2019

Shah Rukh Khan Movie Raees dives into another controversy

Shah Rukh Khan recent movie’s trailer released on Wednesday has scrubbed members of the Shia communal.


Raees has found itself tangled in numerous controversies simply hours after its trailer launch — not that it is a ruthless thing in Bollywood. The first debate was it pacing on the Roshans’ toes by coinciding the publication with Kaabil. The second dispute raised on Thursday when associates of the city’s Shia community objected the use of spiritual symbols in the movie. A scene in specific that portrays holy symbols in a Moharrum procession has distressed the communal, which has inscribed to the additional representative of police and social security branch.

Some worried members of the communal based in Mumbai decided to meet Javed Shroff, a noticeable personality in the communal. “Nanji (Shia community member) and the others well-versed me about the offensive scenes and invited me to take up the concern with the anxious experts so that the filmmakers eradicate it not only from the movie trailer but also from the picture,” said Shroff. He also added that as the concern affected Shias through the country and the world, he had also demanded Leader of opposition in Parliament Gulam Nabi Azad, Ahmad Patel and Rajiv Shukla who is on individual good terms with Shah Rukh Khan, to resolve the question cordially.

Nanji, a member of the communal, on seeing the movie trailer said that he was astounded to see that the Khan participating in a Moharrum procession which has all the spiritual symbols and flags that are carried by the fans through actual processions held all over the world. “If counting the religious rituals followed by the Shias to honor the martyrdom of the Imam Hussain in Karbala was not sufficient, Khan is seen skipping over the flags and symbols in a fight scene.”

The letter to the police department has demanded Khan to draw all ‘such’ scenes, and dejected them about a conceivable ‘passive protest’ in case the appeal is not met.
When communicated, Shilpa Handa from the movie’s PR agency Spice said that they were still irritating to comprehend the nature of the criticisms.


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