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Shah Rukh Khan: I don’t like to be preachy or give advice

Shah Rukh Khan says on selecting scripts in his recent visit to the capital.


Shah Rukh Khan is a typical storyteller, who is open, articulate and discerns how to charm his interrogator with his wits. Shah Rukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, in his visit to capital to endorse Dear Zindagi spoke about why he favors working with females, his choice in pictures, lessons learnt from lifetime and more.

SRK who has toiled with topmost directors says that he signs movies grounded on the maker’s belief. “I don’t link with stories, I link with people. I certainly not ever listen to stories and individuals think I am lying when I say it, but I am certainly telling the truth,” shares the hero.

Shah Rukh Khan who will be operational with director Aanand L Rai on his next movie shares that he has not listened the story still.  He states, “Aanand has been asking me when I wish to hear the script. Then I had told him, tell the story anytime or say it to me on the shooting sets when we instigate shooting. I truly link to people. Occasionally it goes right and sometimes the prospects are diverse. I truly believe that a movie is a filmmaker’s visualization and an actor should not come in the way. I am not a director, so I don’t form it nor plan it, I just perform in films.”

The hero who will be seen frolicking the role of a life coach in Dear Zindagi says that on a private level, he does not like giving out instructions to people but has continuously aided them through saying stories that will, in turn, assist them to take the precise path.

“I have a weird quality of identifying people’s feeling and their state of mind. However, I don’t like to be preachy and make sure that I don’t over stride my limit. I don’t give guidance, I chat about things without being hypercritical. Occasionally, I do like saying stories by compelling references from history or verses by Galib, etc. since I feel that the hearer will be capable of connecting with a condition and it will assist them to overcome their problems or condition.”

Speaking of his kids, he says, “I have a very sociable equation with them. At times they probe a few things which are connected to my work but general; I have not ever sat them down and given advice. In fact, I get advice from them occasionally for my undue behavior.”

The 51-year-old actor has a prolonged cameo in Dear Zindagi and he speaks, “The splendor of this movie is that without being preachy, a bunch of assertive women has made this flick. I feel that this picture will leave an impression on men also.”


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