Monday , February 18 2019

Senior journalist Gauri Lankesh shot dead at her home in Bengaluru

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah stated three special investigation crews of police officers would inspect the murder of Gauri Lankesh.


Bengaluru: Social activist, Editor and a virulent critic of right-wing crowds, Gauri Lankesh, was shot lifeless Tuesday night outside her house in Bengaluru by three unknown bike-borne attackers, setting off a communal outcry, with her gangland style killing drawing comparisons to the slayings of writers and intellectuals Dr M. M. Kalburgi, Narendra Dabholkar, and Govind Pansare, who were all gunned down in the same way.

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Ms. Lankesh, in her initial 50s, was editor of the jumpy Kannada tabloid “Gauri Lankesh Patrike”.

She was shot dead in her own residence just as she came back from office at about 7.45 pm on Tuesday. She had parked her car and was about to enter her house, where she was alone when two of the three males fired at her at point-blank with a small revolver, police stated.

She writhed bullet injuries to her head and her rib cage and died immediately.

Neighbors from a studio apartment complex next door came running up at the sound of firings found her deceitful in a pool of blood. Police, who came soon thereafter, stated there were 4 empty cartridges by her body, leading them to suspicious that four rounds of were ablaze at her.

A postmortem will be lead on her body which was relocated to Victoria Hospital. Without CCTV cameras, the police department will have their work cut out to track the murderers, though 3 teams, one lead by the DCP Crime, and two more have flung a security ring around her house, and the city and are inspecting all bikers.

Gauri was tailed last week but did not seek security


It had noticed that two suspicious males following her on a bike in Gandhi Bazaar a week ago.

The two guys had reportedly trailed from her office till her house last week. Gauri had informed her mom Indira about it. But she didn’t alert the police department or seek security. Gauri lived unaccompanied in the house, while her mom lived with the younger daughter Kavita Lankesh, a movie director.

The empty sites next to Gauri’s home have thick growth and anybody could have easily veiled behind them. The attackers might have also taken benefit of this, the police doubted.

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