Monday , April 22 2019

Semi-decomposed body of Bengali actress found, mother alleges ‘lover’ murdered her.

A semi-decomposed body of a small-time local heroine of the Bengali entertainment industry was improved on Tuesday from her flat in the southern part of the city’s Kasba area, police whispered.


Bitasta Saha’s Bengali Actress semi-decomposed body was found hanging from the ceiling of her room in Kasba area, they whispered.

After repetitive phone calls went unanswered for almost two days, her mom came to visit the flat today where she used to stay alone. When Bitasta did not open the door after numerous knocks, her mother and neighbors informed to police.

Police broke the door and have seen the actress’s body hanging from the ceiling, a police officer whispered. It was learnt that one of Bitasta’s wrist was slit and there were numerous injury marks on her body too.

“Going by the initial marks it seems that she committed suicide. But, we are waiting for the postmortem report. The body seemed to be two-day-old and there was a bit of unpleasant smell in the room,” he said. Police appealed the actress was under severe pressure for quite some time which could be a cause behind the incident.

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“We have seen her Facebook profile and posts and found quite disappointing posts on her wall… In fact, at one point she had also talked about putting an end to her being… We are checking all including her call details,” police whispered.

However, according to Bitasta Saha’s mom, it is a case of killing and not suicide. According to her, Bitasta’s lover committed the crime. An official police complaint has been marched in this regard by Saha’s family members. Rendering to the family, Bitasta had bonded with a middle aged person called Saikat Mitra.

He is a tax-man by profession. The family trusts that Bitasta was either murdered or pushed to the edge by Saikat, and she decided to commit suicide. Bitasta also allegedly left her family after getting into a relationship.

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