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Selfies Make You Happier, Says Experts

Selfie group notes the person’s confidence and comfort that amplified, and they also noted their smiles varying to reflect this.


A new study available in the Psychology of Well-Being magazine displays that captivating selfies on a regular basis increases your happiness.

Psychology experts at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) examined the ways how technology can progress the happiness of academia students, precisely how captivating of photographs can discharge stress.

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Sighted as nearly all university students carry a mobile phone, Yu Chen, of UCI’s section of Informatics, decided to pull upon a mobile phone’s pressure relieving purposes.

In the investigation, 41 students had taken part (28 females and 13 males), concluding a general survey and casual interview about their gladness before the assessments.

The contestants were divided into3 groups. The 1st group had taken daily selfies, the 2nd group grabbed photos of things which made them pleased, and the 3rd had taken photos of something they assumed would make someone else happy.

Through the four-week extended study, the contestants noted how they were feeling at these three points in the day by using a smart phone app.

The consequences, which incorporated closely 2,900 measurements, presented that all 3 groups experienced amplified positive moods.

These expressed themselves inversely in every group. For the selfie group it was an individual’s sureness and ease that increased, and they noted their smiles altering to reflect this.

The set taking photos of things that made them happy noted being more thoughtful and grateful. Lastly, those photographing certain things to make others contented were calmer, and told they had an improved connection with their relations, which in turn released stress.

Elder author of the study and instructor Gloria Mark spoke about this instance of technology refining mental health rather than distrustful from it. “You can see a lot of bangs in the media about the bad impacts of technology usage, and we see very sensibly at these concerns here at UCI. There have been prolonged efforts over the previous decade to investigate what’s become identified as positive computing, and I consider this study displays that occasionally our gadgets can deliver benefits to users.”

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