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Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Back Together

Selena Gomez returns with Justin Bieber Jelena fans rejoice, Selena Gomez comes back after the break with weeknd

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez broke up with Weeknd in October and “Same Old Love” singer was found with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Now, Billboard’s “Woman of the Year” has finally opened the story of why she took the 23-year-old singer back to her own life four years after 2015 and broke up in March.

According to the reporter, the singer said: “I am 25. I am neither 18 years old nor 19 years old or 20. I cherish those who really affect my life. Perhaps it may have been in the past to force some incorrect things but this does not mean that the concern for someone will disappear. “The Wolf Singer” thinks that the attitude of getting Bieber back to life applies to “average people.”

Selena Gomez

“I mean, I grew up with Demi [Livato] .Nick and Joe (Jonas) and Miley (Cyrus), we’ve been through the four seasons of our lives.I do not think it’s serious Because people make things half the time.It’s just my life.I grew up with all these people.It’s so cool to see where everyone is.î It went back to the idea of ​​keeping me enriched, Gomez pointed out.

However, Gomez is “very proud” of the fact that she still has a “real friendship” after the weeknd they broke up. “I’ve never experienced such a thing in my life, and we ended up as best friends, which is really encouraging and caring about each other.” It was a great deal for me, “Gomez said.

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Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Back Together
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