Sunday , March 24 2019

Seagate Planning to Launch a 16TB HDD Next Year

Seagate anticipated launching the HDD in next 18 months and the corporation had launched a 10TB HDD past year.


After launching its 10TB BarraCuda Pro Hard Drive, previous year as part of its Guardian Series that’s besieged at home use; Seagate is now scheduling to release a 16TB HDD next year. The corporation is anticipated to launch its high-capacity hard disk drive within the subsequent 18 months.

The 16TB drive will be a normal 3.5-inch SATA drive and will be Helium-filled like some of the other drives unconfined by the company itself and Western Digital in past 2 years, said in its declaration. Separately from the 16TB drive, the firm is also testing a 12TB drive; the firm’s CEO Stephen Luczo expressed Stephen says that the early response to the drive has been optimistic.

As per the declaration, there is a 3rd Seagate 14TB drive in workings as well. Simply like the 16TB drive, the 12TB and 14TB hard drives will also be packed with Helium gas. Helium is used to lessen drag and resistance between the rotating hard drive platters and the read/write pates that glide above them, letting for denser platters and lesser power intake.

The 10TB hard drive, which was launched past year by Seagate, was valued at $535 (roughly Rs. 36,350) by the firm and so the price of 16TB HDD will, in all possibility, be higher. Yet, we need to wait for the official declaration by the commercial for precise details about pricing as well as handiness.

Though the prices for SSDs have come down significantly in past few years, there are still consumers who prefer hard disk drives and are probable to rejoice the high-capacity storage drive when it is lastly proclaimed by Seagate.

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