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Sara Ali Khan’s Debut Movie Kedarnath

Abhishek Kapoor is obsessed with Sarah Ali khan’s clown on the Kedarnath Shoot

Sara Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter, Sara Ali Khan, will begin their film relay from Kedarnath, and now the news is that Sara will let the crew sweat on these sets.

Such reports have become common in the media, and in Kedarnath group, Sara Ali Khan takes a lot of time to prepare. she keeps changing his clothes and make-up. She was very serious about her because it was the first film. So she changed people’s opinions again and again. Abhishek Kapoor director is shooting Kedarnath with Sara, Ali, Khan, and Sushant Singh Rajput. It was taken in Kedarnath and its surrounding areas.

Sara Ali Khan

Abhishek Kapoor (Abhishek Kapoor)’s director directed Sara not to change the appearance he showed in the film. So they don’t have to try their opinions many times.
Over the past two years, Sara Ali han has served as a media release of hundreds of messages and has spread across social media.

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The media won’t miss any news about Sarah, but these stories can prove fatal to her career, as filmmakers find it difficult to find tantrums.

Kamal Haasan’s two daughters, Shruti, Hassan and Akshara, have similar stories and it is reported that filmmakers often have to put up with their rackets. They don’t take part in the interview. Some have left the middle and the left.

I hope Sara Ali khan will learn some things from her father and mother. Even with so many stars, the news of their anger has not been heard until today.

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