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Samsung seeks redemption with AI-infused Galaxy S8 phone


Samsung Electronics Co plans to furnish its upcoming Galaxy S smartphones with a Siri-like digital supporter, appearing to make a riposte after the international debacle that triggered the death of its faulty Note 7 group.

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Samsung, which previous month attained US-based artificial-intelligence software corporation Viv Labs Inc, told the Galaxy S8 scheduled for following year will originate with AI-enabled topographies “suggestively distinguished” from those of Google or Apple Inc’s Siri, managerial vice president Rhee In-jong told journalists.

Those facilities currently offer up possibly useful info from the weather to flight times grounded on user action.

The flagship Galaxy S line will show vital to salvaging Samsung’s name in the stir of the fiasco adjoining a Note 7 device disposed to bursting into blaze.

The recollection and ultimate cessation of the line is projected to cost up of US$6 billion (RM25.26 billion) and strapped profits at its mobile division to a record short in the September sector.

The business is now probing the root cause after the fires, but wouldn’t remark on development so far.

“It will be suggestively distinguished from the present services we see in the marketplace now,” Rhee said of the S8’s topographies.

He said previous month the business plans to implant Viv’s technology in other home appliances and electronics yonder phones.

Samsung stocks rose 1.1 percent in Seoul trading now and had multiplied 29 percent this year earlier today.

Global technology companies are competing to build devices adjusted to users’ lifestyles and regular behavior.

Amazon is annoying to sign up more designers for its Alexa voice technology, whereas Apple has newly hyped more Siri capabilities and unlocked the technology to other creators.

Google, deliberated the lead in artificial intelligence, is making its own shove.

Samsung is currently getting into the plays. It issues new versions of its top-tier Galaxy S series former in the first quarter of each year, naturally during the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

The business is keen to put the Note 7 after it and save its business. Samsung stated a sharp decay in profit as the Note 7 recall grabbed its toll.

With the Note 7 line now outdated, the S8 will develop its de facto platform smartphone.

Net income fell 17 percent to 4.41 trillion won (RM16.42 billion) in the third quarter, carrying its mobile revenue to a historic low of 100 billion won.

Samsung grieved a distinct setback with a diverse product previous week.

The business is evoking about 2.8 million washing machineries in the US among reports that the top of the mechanism can become separate during use.

Samsung supposed in a November 4 declaration that it will provide consumers a free in-home repair of the mechanism, or a refund that can be used when customers buy a new phone.


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