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Salman Khan: I’m The Most Romantic Person

Salman Khan speaks about his family, relations, siblings, fear of rings and more.


Salman Khan came, he ruled and he formed a dispute. “We can’t link artists to terrorists” has left viral. Who are we speaking about? Of course, controversy’s favorite kid — Salman.

At an occasion in Mumbai, the celebrity was perceived taking out time to luckily reveal on his family fellows.

Baby Ahil

Newly, Salman was appeared with Sister Arpita Khan Sharma and  Ahil at an occasion. Salman came late. But he smartly fortified himself and hastily blamed little Sharma-Khan, Ahil for the similar thing. When public gushed and said him that he was lying, he calmly replied, “He can’t protect himself right now. He is the best option.”

Ahil also made a big cry for devotion when mamu Salman was speaking about him, and mamu was fast to pay attention. He called him over to the stage to give him a kiss. Salman said “Our complete world revolves about him these days. He is a pack of joy.”

Alvira and Arpita

“They are extremes apart when it comes to perceptions and preferences,” told Salman, “One of them certainly likes high-end, luxurious things and the other one like inexpensive, street stuff.”

When enquired whom has he been precisely referring to, he revealed, “The one with the classy taste is Arpita and the other one is Mrs. Agnihotri.”

Music and Arbaaz

Salman’s spell with singing isn’t unidentified. When questioned if has a plan to ever hold a concert, the hero told, “Initially, I can’t croon live. My voice has to be treated 10 times previously reaching customers. Moreover, I am not an expert singer. Arbaaz is the single person in the family to have ever acquired a professional drill.”

Lord of the Rings

In a fresh conversation with heroine Jacqueline Fernandez, Salman Khan uttered that he is scared of rings. When investigated to clarify his stance over the similar, Salman giggled, “I am the most romantic person in the entire wide world.

Regarding the phobia of ring, I consider it due to facing a series of heartbreaks and disappointments. It has deep-rooted in me currently.”


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