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RTA achieves 95 per cent of revenue target in Andhra Pradesh

RTA achieves 95 per cent of revenue target in Andhra Pradesh

Life tax and fancy numbers are major income sources for state of Andhra Pradesh RTA

Andhra Pradesh state Road Transport Authority (RTA) in Vizag city has reached 95 per of its revenue target in the just concluded fiscal 2016-17 year as it has targeted earlier of this year, in spite of the demonetisation drive. Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Authority officials of RTA from Vizag have collected 304 crore rupees 95 per cent of revenue against the targeted revenue of 320 crore rupees. Here the main income sources for the RTA comprised lifetime tax, fancy numbers, quarterly tax and also compounding fines as per the report.

Here, in the last fiscal we have collected of its revenue of 177 crore rupees through lifetime tax, 62.3 crore rupees as quarterly tax and 21.63 crore rupees only through impressive fines on violators said deputy transport commissioner, Vizag city Venkateswara Rao and city of Vizag region RTA has collected 262 rupees from it 107 per cent crore Rs alongside the target revenue of 53 crore rupees in 2015-16 year and we are guessing that Vizag RTA will reach or surpass its revenue target in the current fiscal he added at the report of media.

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Officials in RTA said that the sale of luxury cars has weakened following the demonetisation drive as per the source and hence RTA income also reduced in terms of life tax and other taxes and over 13 lakh vehicles were registered with Vizag RTA and on an average nearly 30000 to 50000 new vehicles are registered every year as per the report. Here a senior officer with RTA on disorder of secrecy said that that for govt it seems to be income grossed to ensure safety but the RTA workforces are working under weight on how to meet the revenue boards. Here, every year the govt is increasing the revenue target by 15 per cent hence most of the motor vehicle inspectors have been on the job to impose fines to reach the target, officials said as per the report from the sources.

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