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Rottela Panduga Begins On Grand Note in Nellore

N. Chandrababu Naidu First CM to take Part in the Fete on Thursday in Nellore Dargah.

A large number of devotees converge on Swarnala tank near Bara Shaheed Dargah in Nellore city on Wednesday as part of Rottela Panduga.

Nellore: The popular Rottela Panduga commence on a grand note at Bara Shaheed dargah here with a large number of devotees from the various parts of the state &  neighbouring states offering prayers.

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People from all the faiths participate in this unique festival where people offers rotis in lieu of their fulfilled desires & those who want the similar wishes fulfilled pick them up.

The exchange of roti takes place at the Nellore tank, which is also called as ‘Swarnala Cheruvu’, located close to the dargah.

The rotis are named after the desires of individuals such as marriage, job, children, money, higher education, own house, prosperity, foreign visit & this time special category status too.

Before offering rotis, the devotees offer the prayers at Bara Shaheed dargah to the tombs of 12 martyrs, who sacrificed their lives in the battle against the British troops in a year 1751, a year which marked the siege of Arcot during a series of Carnatic wars.

As per legend, these 12 warriors were beheaded at a place known to be Gandavaram, 15 km from Nellore. The headless bodies were brought back by their horses to this dargah area here. The place became popular because they were buried at the spot & a dargah was built thereafter.

The annual event is observed in a month of Muharram as urs of 12 martyrs whose mortal remains are buried in the same compound.

In the backdrop of the recent bomb blast in the premises of the district court, authorities made elaborate the security arrangements & deployed nearly 2,000 police personnel.

Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu is the first CM to participate in this festival on Thursday that dates back to more than a three centuries. As part of improving the facilities, a ghat similar to one constructed in Krishna river for the recent Pushkaralu at Amaravati has been built in Nellore.

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