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Roshan Basheer’s ‘fantastic take off

In actual life, Roshan Basheer is a passionate Vijay fan, reveals the Bairava actor.

Roshan Basheer with Vijay.

There was in Kochi a die-hard Vijay follower. Come what may, he made it a point to get seated inside the movie hall on the first day, first show all the time Ilayathalapathy movie hit the screens in Kerala. That youngster, Roshan Basheer had many dream-come-true seconds acting with his super star in Bairavaa. With all those actors still glowing bright in his cat-eyes, Roshan brings into being narrating his K-Town skill with his screen idol.

“Before Bairava, I had in fact completed the shoot of Moondru Rasigargal, which is all nearly three hardcore Vijay fans. I was one to lead the course of the flick. So there on the sets of Bairava, I said this to Vijay sir and he was requesting me questions as if there is any part he can aid me do. Actually, the entire shooting was over by the while I started this venture with him. All that time I spent with him was fan boy moments,” Roshan gushes.

Roshan’s personality Charan, a college-boy, is a colleague of Keerthy Suresh (Malarvizhi). He says highly of both Vijay and Keerthi for their super cool boldness plus the helpful and friendly approach with him. In the meantime, out of the blue fell a troll upon him on a casual-looking picture of Vijay and Roshan. Again, he got attacked by those pair of solitaires on his face, which impart on him an in-built villainous appearance. He was loathed on social media as if he had least respect for the star sitting next to him.

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This is what Roshan has to utter, “I have seen those notes and took it in the right spirit. Actually, Bairava has aided in changing people’s perception about me. Those negative characters in Drishyam and Papanasam had prepared me a hate object for others. Wherever I went, the sense was palpable. For no fault of mine, I was exposed to intense stares,” he smiles. The fan boy didn’t break his repetitive at the release of Bairava. Not the first appearance, though, he secured his ticket for the next screening on the tremendously full day one. He was happy when audiences started recognizing the person sitting with them when his part seemed on the giant screen. Tamil doesn’t look like loosening its grip on this Malayalam youngster. Roshan can’t turn a deaf ear to the offers coming his way so he’s shifting base to Tamil Nadu in a few weeks and is happy to be in Malayalam when right opportunities beckon.

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