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Rihanna attire Fenty Beauty On ‘Elle’s Latest Cover

Rihanna celebrates sixth cover of fenty beauty


Rihanna is famous for her bold appearance. It is bright red hair or super pure Met Gala dress, Rihanna always let people talk. This is why the Rihanna Fenty heart Beauty looks on the cover of Elle basically is the reason to break the Internet.

In order to celebrate the launch of her new makeup makeup series Fenty Beauty, riri in three different Elle coat appeared in two, two of them on her face with a carefully painted purple heart. Let us be honest, Rihanna may be the only one who can draw a heart on her face with makeup person, and you can throw it away.

Elle’s Fenty beauty cover


The cover shows one of Rihanna’s favorite products: “Match Stix Shimmer Skin exclusive fan Stick”, this is a pale purple purple bar, most people may be used as a fluorescent pen or lip gloss (but Rihanna is the “most people).

Of course, everyone on Rihanna’s new line of beauty excited, she told the Instagram Fenty on the Beauty product appeal has received considerable attention, but also in response to the fans and customers doubt about her new makeup line, very cute.

In a particularly interesting conversation, a fan asked, if her product is through animal testing, she opened a joke, saying: “you call me an animal?” LOL “, which means she tested all the Fenty Beauty products. Talk about standing behind your property goods.

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Apparently most people they don’t want to draw a heart on their face using Fenty Beauty products, but just imagine how pretty this color would be on your lips or eyes. Based on the previous celebrity beauty line (cough, Kelly cosmetics, cough), bad girl riri’s “beauty” series will be unveiled at midnight on September 8th, almost instantly sold.

During the Thursday night at New York fashion week, Rihanna also turned to celebrate the launch of the collection. She looks like a real goddess of light, the golden eye and a glint of gold highlights in her cheekbone, this is a use of Match Stix Shimmer to create her skin bar in blonde appearance.

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