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Ridhi Dogra gears up to play a negative character on TV.

Ridhi is mighty fascinated by negative roles played by Shah Rukh Khan in movies like Baazigar, Darr and Anjaam.


For Ridhi Dogra, performing a grey role in the upcoming show Woh Apna SA is nothing small of venturing out of her comfort zone. The actress admits that her modern act is a huge shift since she has or else essayed only positive characters.

Elaborating more about her grey act, Ridhi shares, “My personality is mean but it isn’t an out-and-out negative character. She is a self-centered, self-aware person. In fact, I would say that she knows what she needs.”

Ridhi she is mighty impressed by negative parts played by Shah Rukh Khan in films like Baazigar, Darr and Anjaam. So when the creators of the television show come up her for the role, she signed up for it without any unwillingness. She adds, “A grey role is exciting to portray when it is inscribed well.

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I have not shifted gears but the actual reason why I took up this part is because I have wanted to take up approximately that will push me as an actor. In television today, there is very little worth. And if there is a good role, creators want to show the appeal as sugary sweet. Today, decent roles are written for 19-20-year-olds. I am attentive in playing flawed characters.”

The artist, in fact, isn’t worried about being typecast one or the other. She says, “I am a very secure performer. I want to push the cover and take up different roles.” She endures, “I have been on TV for far too long. I even took a lengthy break, which in itself is a brave move. At that point, everybody told me that I should keep doing TV to stay related, but I put my foot down.”

Ridhi now hopes to take up more character-oriented roles. She utters, “There is a lot more for me to do in the upcoming years. For instance, I have needed to work in a romantic show for a long period but I will make sure I work in one in the future.” She adds, “I really believe that my all-time favorite performer Shah Rukh Khan whispered that my next character will be my best role. When I took up Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak?, I believed it was my best performance. Later I realized that I had never tried to do what I did with Savitri. The character in Woh Apna Sa too is unlike anything I have done earlier.”



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Ridhi Dogra gears up to play a negative character on TV.
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