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Rescue homes offer no relief to children: Telangana

Rescue homes offer no relief to children: Telangana

Large figure of private poorhouses is money making machines for their owners and only adds to the misery of the children as report say’s in Telangana.

Rescue homes offer no relief to children

In Telangana children who are fatalities of violence and are rescued by the police or other agencies are sent to rescue homes and child care families. All this supposed to be havens for the kids who have experienced a terrible trial. Here in this situation but case after case has shown that violence lasts in rescue households. And large numbers of private orphanages is money creation machines for their proprietors and only add to the misery of the broods, government run institutes are no better as per the report.

This year a member of the Child Welfare Committee in Ranga Reddy district sexually assaulted a minor in a government run child rescue home, and just a month after the incident a 14 year’s old victim of a gangrape was cruelly compressed up by other inmates in a rescue home under the nose of an authorized, and who was later suspended after that.

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Some 70 child labourers were involuntary on to the streets from CWC release homes in Warangal by the police following miscommunication between departments over there. And after that in moth of July one pastor and owner of an orphanage was suspect of sending rescued children on to streets to beg, children also reportedly faced violence inside the orphanage, this what happening.

When come to the child rights activists say the rescue homes are in a unacceptable condition and lack the infrastructure for rehabilitating liberated children, and they allege that the state government is indifferent in the well-being of children and look at the major child defense agencies and bodies subsidized by the management, here None of them is monitored or evaluated by the government and which makes these bodies inexplicable for their actions and said a child rights activist from Hyderabad city.

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