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Repair the bike to give mileage as advertised: Court to TVS Service Centre

Court ordered to give mileage as said in the advertisement.


AHMEDABAD: Automobile companies must be more cautious in advertising about mileage of their vehicles. A consumer court had directed an automobile company to repair and enhance the mileage of a customer’s motorcycle to deliver the promise that made in the advertisement.

The court has also said the company to refund the price of the bike, if the customer is not happy with the mileage even after the repairing of the two-wheeler. The company has been asked to pay an initial amount of Rs 10,000 to the customer as compensation for harassment.

Even after this, if the client is not satisfied with mileage, the company in return will have to pay Rs 52,000 with 9% interest.

A senior citizen from Rajkot , Gunvant Mehta has purchased a TVS Jupiter by paying Rs 52,150 in September 2014 from near by showroom. The company sold by saying the bike claiming that the model gives mileage of 62 km/litre. Mehta is not satisfied with the mileage as he said that the bike had never ran 62km/litre. Even after repeated services, the mileage didn’t improve.

During the hearing of the company placed a report of the bike’s mileage. In May 2015, the mileage has recorded at 43 km/litre. Then it has given 55 km/litre in September 2015, and 65.51 km/litre, which was much better than the promised outline in March 2016. Mehta took  a very strong objection to the company’s claim of 65.51 km/litre about the bike’s mileage, and reiterated that the mileage has been just 45 km/litre.

After hearing both sides arguments, the court cited six orders passed by different consumer courts all across the country on similar issues. It is noted that in all these cases, the consumer courts have ordered automobile companies to return the purchase price of the vehicle to customers. It has also said that not a single case pertaining to complaint of mileage, the court has ordered against the consumer.

The court said Mehta to hand over the bike to TVS service centre for repair to augment the mileage and that the vehicle to be returned with a certificate issued by the company’s general manager.

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