Tuesday , March 19 2019

Reliance Jio, Paytm Sent Notices for Using Prime Minister’s Photo

Reliance Jio had released advertisements having PM Modi’s photo previous year and even Paytm also used PM Modi’s photograph for its ads throughout demonetization.


The government has smacked notices on India’s billionaire Mukesh Ambani-owned company Reliance Jio Infocomm and also Paytm for using the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photograph in their ads.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, which is the upholder of the prestige of High Offices like Prime Minister and President as well as notable figures, had sent the notices in the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act of 1950, which slabs the usage of Prime Minister’s name and image for their commercial use.

“We have sent the notices to both the companies for using PM’s photograph in their ads. We are still to receive their retort,” Consumer Affairs Secretary Hem Pande stated PTI.

The Act offers for a minimal financial penalty for defilements but more than the monetary fine holding mortified of for incorrect usage of Prime Minister’s name has implication on the company’s picture.

When inquired what actions would be engaged contrary to the companies, he said: “We will see when we get the retorts.”

Though Paytm deteriorated to comment on the dispute, e-mails sent to Reliance Jio Infocomm stayed unanswered.

In the month of September previous year, Reliance Jio had through its advertisements, devoted the Jio 4G service to the Modi government’s battleship Digital India project.

“Jio: Digital Life” jacket ads were printed with a photograph of the Prime Minister, outfitted in a blue jacket, eliciting a political controversy.

After the government proclaimed the demonetization verdict on November 8, Paytm had given out an advertisement greeting the move as it enhanced the use of e-wallets likes the one it arcades.

Sources said though Jio might have taken verbal endorsement of the Prime Minister’s Office before using Modi’s image, there is no written consent.

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