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“ Rekha The Untold Story” Spills the Beans on Bollywood Actress Rekha’s Life

Bollywood veteran actress Rekha is secretly married to Sanjay Dutt, this news is buzzing around Social Media


Veteran Bollywood actress Rekha, is in news as the recent autobiography spilled beans on Rekha’s much talked about personal life. Rekha’s red sindoor on her head has let to many speculations. Some even said that Rekha is wearing sindoor in the name of Amitabh Bachchan.

As per recent news, A book written by Yasser Usman “ Rekha The Untold Story” has revealed that Rekha has secretly married to Sanjay Dutt. It was when she was shooting for Zameen Aasmaan in 1984, they got married and they kept it secret till date. It also states that Sanjay Dutt, made an official denial in a magazine, when the rumors about their alleged relationship, surfaced during the time.

Usman, mentioned it an unfair rumour, as Rekha was helping Sanjay to recover from a rough patch in his life instead, he told HT, “There wasn’t any marriage. This became big only because Dutt had to deny it officially”. He declared that it is misinterpreted and people should read it clearly.

Usman’s book reveals inside story of the starlet’s life. It unveils the details about her personal life. Rekha first married to Mukesh Agrawal, who committed suicide and died in the year 1991. He was said to be clinically depressed for years. Shashi Kapoor was the only person who consoled her, during the time and rest baselessly blamed Rekha for the suicide.

Talking about her controversial sindoor, Rekha once expressed in an interview that “in the city I come from, it’s fashionable to wear sindoor.” The book also says that when Rekha married Vinod Mehra then she was not accepted by Vinod’s mother, Kamla Mehra. According to the book, Rekha was the child of Gemini Ganesan and had suffered disturbed childhood.

Despite all these speculations she remains as one of the finest Actress of Bollywood and very less people know that Rekha has made her first public appearance as a child artist in the Telugu film Rangula Ratnam (1966), before doing Bollywood movies.

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