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Recruitment of DSC Teachers on Govt Radar: Kadiyam Srihari

Kadiyam Srihari is very keen about the issue of employment of Government teachers who had qualified DSC between 1998-2012.


Hyderabad: The Deputy Chief Minister Kadiyam Srihari had said that the State government is aggressively considering the issue of employment of teachers in the State, for those who had eligible in the DSCs held from in the years1998-2012.

Responding to a question in the State Assembly on Wednesday, Srihari had said that a decision in main has been taken by the state government. But due to specific legal and other additional issues raised by the General Administration Department (GAD), the government has been discovering the ways to resolve the problems at the earliest.

Elating the ban in force on the employment of teachers in assisted schools and colleges is also below the government’s deliberation and a decision would be taken on this, he explained. Raising the dispute BJP MLA K Laxman had asked the government to look into the problem of teaching assistants allotted 18 years ago under zonal system by the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) in the joint AP. He said that quoting technical causes the teaching assistants have so far been denied promotions.

In favor to instigating uniform service for teachers, Srihari had said that the file has been impending with the Union Home Ministry and paces would be taken to get initial clearance from the Central.  Members cutting through the party lines had asked the government to have the appointment of teachers on high precedence so as to deliver quality education in government run schools.

Replying to another query, Srihari had assured to examine a proposal to bring convergence amid primary education, providing nutritive food to children and Anganwadi centres by starting pre-primary sessions like nursery, LKG and UKG.

Stating displeasure over only 100 ml milk being given to sternly malnourished children amid the ages of 3-6 years at Anganwadi centres, the members had asked them to give out the same to all kids in that age group.

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Recruitment of DSC Teachers on Govt Radar: Kadiyam Srihari
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